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16” x 20”

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Imagine a vibrant acrylic fluid art painting that captures the essence of a sunlit beach under a clear, azure sky. The canvas bursts with hues reminiscent of the warm sand and the endless expanse of the sky.

Splashes of cheerful colors like vibrant turquoise and seafoam green dance across the composition, capturing the playful spirit of the ocean's waves. Golden highlights shimmer across the surface, reflecting the sun's dazzling rays as they cascade down from an imaginary horizon.

SIZE: 26" x 20"
Archival Varnish
Vertical Orientation

"Summer Breeze" would look wonderful in a bright and sunny room with a white or neutral space, or along side your beach themed decor. Overall, this acrylic fluid art painting radiates a sense of joy and tranquility, inviting viewers to bask in its bright, happy colors that echo the beauty of a perfect beach day.

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