Collection of artwork by Becca Harkins

The paintings represented on this page are to showcase artwork that has already been sold or artwork that is currently a part of her private collection. For artwork requests and commissions please email

24" x 36"

Wild and Free

An acrylic fluid art painting made to look like the crashing of an ocean wave. Colors gradiating from dark to light as the wave crests draws the eye up the painting, and invites the viewer to explore new possibilities. SOLD.

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12" x 12"


Created with the swipe technique, this original painting radiates gentleness; strength bridled by love. The soft blending of colors beneath the contrast of the hard edges of the lacing embodies the truth behind this definition of gentleness.

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30" x 15"


Exploring the contrast between dark and light, and the beauty that exists in the space between. This piece boasts aquatic elegance.

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11" x 14"

Ex Nihilo

The phrase "ex nihilo" means something out of nothing. When you watch the video of the creation of this painting it won't look like much until two simple finger swipes bring it all together.

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11" x 14"


When the deepest sorrow grips my heart and the only thing I can do is breathe.

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48" x 30"


I've always been captivated by barrier islands. The strength of the 2 massive bodies of water on either side, yet, somehow they respect the Island's boundaries.

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20" x 20"

Autism Awareness

Loving someone with Autism can be the most fascinating and difficult relationship of one's life. Along with this piece I wrote and performed a spoken word about my experience. Click on the link below to view the video.

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