About Becca Harkins

Becca Harkins is a modern abstract fluid artist living in the beautiful rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Becca feels most at home in nature, whether on the beach, or in the woods. She loves naps, spending time with her family, and her Chihuahua-poodle mix, Clover. She is deeply inspired by the beauty of God's creation, and seeks to practice awe and gratitude as a way of life.


Becca earned her art degree from Messiah College where she studied Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and Ceramics. Becca has always been amazed by the intermingling colors and transparent hues of the ceramic glazes. When she discovered fluid art in 2021, it was love at first sight, as it reminded her of he favorite glazes from her college years.

Her 22-year background in graphic design, and e-commerce marketing gave her an advantage when it came to stepping out on her own as a full-time artist.

Becca is an introvert by nature, yet loves to connect deeply with others who share common interests.

"A dance between the artist and her paints"

When it comes to painting, Becca describes the practice of fluid art as "A dance between the artist and her paints". You never really know what you're going to get when you start pouring. The most amazing paintings come from the artist's intuition, as the artist responds to the movement of the paint, and the paint responds to the touch of the artist.

Becca's thoughts on gratitude and acrylic pouring: