Video Tutorials

Almost as much as I enjoy painting, I love teaching others how to create their own acrylic pour paintings. There is such freedom in learning to let go of control, and I have found that practicing fluid art has been the best way for me to practice letting go of control, and finding the beauty in what is. I have dedicated my YouTube Channel (Becca Harkins Art) to sharing my painting journey with others, and teaching as I go.

Latest Video

  • Dutch Pour

    Using a hair dryer as my primary painting tool, the flow of the air across the paints below gives a stunning fluid-like quality to the painting.

  • Transcending Light

    Like a burst of water spraying up from the sea with a burst of energy. This painting is from my transcending light series that explores the juxtaposition of the split canvas composition.

  • How To

    Would you like to learn fluid art? Do you struggle to find the right consistency for your paints? In this video I'll give you an up-close, detailed look at how I mix my paints with American Floetrol.