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11" x 14"



In Becca Harkins' mixed media painting, a mesmerizing blend of teal and goldenrod hues captures the eye with its intricate textures. Layers of acrylic paint are expertly applied, creating a rich depth that draws the viewer in. The teals and blues dominate the canvas, blending with goldenrod accents that add warmth and contrast. Harkins employs textured building up the surface with rough peaks and delicate washes. The interplay of light and shadow across the textured surface creates a dynamic play of movement. Becca's skilled use of mixed media techniques not only enhances the visual appeal but also invites tactile exploration, making the artwork a captivating sensory experience.

SIZE: 11" x 14"
Archival Varnish
Vertical Orientation

This painting looks best against neutral tones of white, gray, or cream. For maximum enjoyment of the textures hang near a window where it can get abundant natural light to accent the light and shadows of the texture play with the wash of color

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