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15” x 30”

Elegant at Midnight

Elegant at Midnight

Becca Harkins' abstract fluid art piece is a captivating exploration of contrasts and vibrancy. At first glance, the painting draws the eye with its deep, velvety black base that anchors the composition, exuding a sense of depth and mystery. As the gaze moves upward, bursts of vivid floral abstractions burst forth, like fireworks in a night sky.

The floral motifs, rendered in an array of harmonious colors - passionate reds, sunny yellows, and vibrant purples - bloom and swirl across the canvas. Each bloom appears to unfurl dynamically, its petals merging and separating in a dance of organic shapes and flowing lines. These elements, though abstract, evoke a sense of nature's exuberance and beauty.

Overall, Becca Harkins' abstract fluid art painting invites viewers into a world where the chaotic beauty of nature meets the structured elegance of form. It is a testament to the artist's skill in capturing both the wild spontaneity and the delicate balance of the natural world on canvas.

SIZE: 15" x 30"
Archival Varnish
Vertical Orientation

"Elegant at Midnight" adds an upscale elegant touch to any home or office. This abstract style compliments both traditional and modern style decor, and looks best alongside black accents. 

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